I got my master Degree from The Rhythmic Music Conservatory in 2008. I also studied rehabilitation and voice diagnosis at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2016 and 2017; Susanna Eken and Bo Huniche. 

I received supervision from Susanna Eken both as a soloist and later as a voice teacher from 2008-2019. Susanna Eken is considered one of the most influential and sought after European voice teachers and has been a great inspiration to me.

Over the years I´ve watched and participated in numerous clinics, workshops, and longer courses within the many teaching directions in rhythmic singing. This, together with my own singing career and supervision from Susanna Eken, has made me develop an ear for the individual path of each rhythmic singer.

I´ve been a touring jazz singer and singer-songwriter for many years and have learned the great benefits of developing a flexible voice that can stand the demands of a singing life.