The purpose of my teaching is to unfold voices with personal sound and authentic expression.

To help singers develop a voice that can endure a long career, I use simple exercises that connect the voice with both body, mind, and heart.

It´s all about establishing a voice that reacts more spontaneously on the ideas of the singer.
Interpretation of lyrics are therefore also a big part of the classes.

It is not complicated to sing, voice technic is only used to develop free, creative and long lasting singers.
It´s all about the music.

I mainly work with singers within jazz, pop, folk, acting and others / contemporary forms of music.

Practical information – 2020.

1 lesson (55 min) : 500 DKK  (72 euro or 75 dollar)

Online singing lessons :
1 lesson (55 min) 500 DKK  (72 euro or 75 dollar)
Voice warmup (30 minute) (300 DKK or 45 dollar or 42 euro)